Grupel in 2020 – A year of learning and overcoming


2020 brought more challenges than we ever expected.

But with hard work and dedication, Grupel was able to adapt and to keep creating solutions that meet the needs of our clients around the world.

In a different year, with unprecedented rules and new ways of working, we are proud to look back and see the strengthening of our leadership at a national level, as well as the arrival of our brand to new countries and the regaining of past distinctions.

This result has only been possible thanks to the commitment of our employees, tireless in the goal of making Grupel products increasingly more versatile and capable of serving as many applications as possible, with high levels of efficiency and profitability.

In 2020, we were able to strengthen our commitment to the real needs of our customers, not only through a wide range of standard equipment (from 3 to 3500kVA), but also through special projects fully adapted to the different requirements of the customers and their contexts.

These true engineering challenges have allowed us to supply energy to structures of great demand, such as power plants, cogeneration plants and military structures, to name a few.

Thus, we have been able to reinforce the notoriety of our brand around the world and the confidence that our customers place in it. In such a way that we have reached 800 customers (+57 than in 2019).

As a result of this trust, we have seen an increase in:

  • the installed power (+6.7% compared to 2019)
  • the number of groups produced (+5% compared to 2019)
  • the sales of our own brand products, which we commonly call Grupel+Grupel


Our action in the market deserved recognition and, for the 4th consecutive time, Grupel was distinguished with the Prémio Cinco Estrelas [Five Star Award] and, for the 2nd time, with the PME Líder status.

But our brand is not only recognized in Portugal. In 2020, we were present in 70 countries, in the 5 continents – an increase of about a dozen over the previous year.

It was a year in which we did a lot. In the words of Eng. Marco, CEO of Grupel, 2020 will be a year to remember, in which we have innovated a lot, we have undertaken great changes (both in the production process and equipment, and in the way we work) and we have shown great resilience.

We believe to have managed the challenges in an exemplary way, always safeguarding the well-being and health of Grupelians and fulfilling the goal of not closing the factory one single day. We have been able to respond to the constraints, adapting our goals and always keeping our focus on customers, employees and the surrounding community.

We carry in our baggage many new teachings and practices that will surely help us to do more and better in the future. And we renew the objective of being present, creating value, with you.


Grupel 2020 - A year of learning and overcoming

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