Grupel offers a trip to the Maldives to an employee


Resulting from the annual performance evaluation process, concerning 2021, Grupel’s administration decided, in an unprecedented way, to offer a trip to the Maldives to the Grupelian of the year.

The lucky winner was our copywriter, Eduarda Mota, who is now back to the company and recalls the unforgettable week that this experience gave her.

“It was an incredible trip that I will never forget, for sure”, is how the Grupel employee summarizes her experience. The country known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean made the wonders of the copywriter that, between the good weather, the beach, water sports and good food, enjoyed “a week of total tranquility, with many new experiences and indescribable landscapes”. “All thanks to Grupel who provided me with this unforgettable trip,” she says.


With initiatives like this, the company continues its policy of care and appreciation of its employees, because it believes that only then is possible to guarantee a differentiated work.

Grupel’s care for its employees is a constant bet of the company, which continually invests in growth and personal and professional development of all, providing training, career development and a good working environment.


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