Kick Energy 2023 – starting the year with great Energy


Last January 13th, Grupel kicked off the new year with Kick Energy 2023, as traditionally.

This edition gathered employees from all departments of the company in person for a session of conferences and reflections, and later for a convivial dinner.

The Kick Energy 2023 was made, as in previous editions, to review 2022 with the whole team and discuss the goals achieved, the challenges overcome, the points for improvement, as well as to define the strategy for 2023, the goals set and what is expected from each department. In addition, we were able to celebrate Grupel’s 47th anniversary together – something that has not happened since the beginning of the pandemic.

During the session, each department head, from administration to technical assistance and IT support, sales and marketing, operations, engineering, production, finance, human resources, supply chain, logistics and quality, had the opportunity to share their achievements in the year 2022, practical and operational aspects to be improved in the future, and concrete goals for the year 2023.

2022 was a historic year for Grupel, of great growth, not only in terms of optimization of processes and procedures, expansion and modernization of infrastructures and products, and the formalization of important partnerships. The financial results also show a remarkable growth, with Grupel reaching the significant goal of 30 million euros in invoicing and an increase in its turnover of about 40%.

The good results increase our responsibility and leave room for continuous improvement. Therefore, even more ambitious goals have been set for the year 2023, ranging from the expansion to new markets and the consolidation of current customers, to higher turnover and the design of new, more innovative and differentiated engineering projects.

After the afternoon of conferences, Grupelians gathered for a celebration dinner, where there was a lot of fun and socialization. Moments of sharing that strengthen close ties between those who work for the same goals, every day.

Kick Energy 2023 brought, besides inspiration, a reinforced commitment for the new year.


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