The characteristics of Grupel’s Canopies

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Grupel’s product development team works daily for the constant improvement of each of our products, with the purpose of evolving and innovating the final product and, ultimately, satisfying the needs of our clients.

From one of these improvement projects, a new type of canopy emerged which is more resistant and whose manufacturing process is faster and more flexible.

Features of the Grupel canopies:

  • Bolted / non-welded canopy
  • Easy cleaning
  • Possibility of change
  • Door latch
  • Fuel tank
  • Cylindric exhaust silencing system
  • Air inlet and cables exist in plastic
  • Alteration in the latch and hinge of the control panel
  • Two independent panels
  • Battery
  • Base frame reinforcement
  • Retention bund
  • Fuel return pipe

Know in detail what makes the difference in Grupel’s canopies:


Bolted / non-welded canopy

The main advantage of bolted canopies is that it presents very low levels of oxidation, comparing to welded versions. Also, the canopy design has an overlap system with layers, similar to a rooftop, to minimize to the maximum, the water entrance. If the water enters, the canopy lets it get out easier.


Easy cleaning

Possibility to easily remove the tank to clean it.


Possibility of change

Our models allow the user to change from an open genset to a soundproof option easily and without changing its functionality.


Door latch

It has a depth adjustment, and it doesn’t exist a hole in the door jamb to close.


Fuel tank

The plastic fuel tank is independent form the chassis. In this way, there is a decrease in leakage due to the absence of welding and to the transportation or movement of the genset with a forklift.


Cylindric exhaust silencing system

The exhaust silencing system is available in aluminized steel plate. The cylindric shape minimizes the oxidation by not retaining water.


Air inlet and cables exist in plastic

These two components are made of highly durable plastic, reducing welding points to a minimum.


Alteration in the latch and hinge of the control panel

The quality of the material is much higher than before.


Two independent panels

The electric panel is composed by a control panel and power panel. These two are separated and the access to each one of them is independent.



There is easy access to the battery, and it isn’t in contact with the tank.


Base frame reinforcement

The base frame was designed to have hidden feet and therefore be more appealing.


Retention bund

High quality component.


Fuel return pipe

The fuel return pipe is away from the admission and fuel level sensor. This feature reduces mixing of hot fuel with the one entering the engine, improving genset performance and fuel level accuracy due to the swirling of diesel fuel as it enters the tank.


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